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Black humour is often the antidote for awkward subject matters, and such is the case in The Wives of Wolfgang, an original cabaret featuring local talent. Unacquainted yet aware of each other’s existence, three women who meet at a funeral have one thing in common: the deceased (Wolfgang) was their lover.

Playwright Hannah Belanszky’s focus, who also plays the widow, is the portrayal of self-indulgent characters and what makes them so different to each other. The first love is an independent woman who left Wolfgang to spread her wings, the widow is the antithesis of her identity as a loyal wife, and the mistress unyieldingly searches for validation no matter what the cost.

The Wives of Wolfgang cast

Professionally containing their opening-night nerves, the performers engaged the audience with their individual stories. Michael Whittred’s talented and soothing composition, which is intrinsic to the production, enhanced the script with musical mystery, comic elements, and heightened drama.

Seekers of original productions featuring emerging artists will thoroughly enjoy The Wives of Wolfgang, which plays at the Brisbane Powerhouse until Wonderland Festival 2017 closes on 3 December 2017.


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