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The school holidays are not over yet, which means there is still plenty of family entertainment happening this week. Circus of Illusion is one such entertaining production and it is suitable for all ages. Opening last night for a short season to a packed auditorium, children’s faces were filled with wonderment as they watched the art of circus and illusion meld together in a colourful and sparkly show.

The variety show included several large-scale illusions performed by producer and illusionist Michael Boyd, static aerials (silks and Spanish web), hula hooping, a quick-change act, contortion, hand balancing, and dances.

Circus of Illusion made last minute changes to their Brisbane production so don’t expect to see the same acts featured in the video promotions. One of the changes was a show highlight. Less than a week before opening night, Soul Mystique were announced as a feature act. The internationally acclaimed quick-change artists became a household name in 2012 when they were second runner up in Australia’s Got Talent. The duo’s magical high speed costume transformations made my eyeballs dry for fear of blinking and missing a wardrobe change.

Fifteen-year-old Zaryna Martysevich’s hand balancing act proved to be a crowd pleaser amongst children and adults alike with audible gasps intercepted with breath-holding silence from the audience throughout Martysevich's daring act.

The set and lighting added an extra element of ‘wow’ to the show, which was performed in the Concert Hall at QPAC.

Circus of Illusion is showing at QPAC 11–12 April 2021.

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