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BIPOC is an acronym we’ve been seeing a lot since the #blacklivesmatter movement this year. It stands for ‘black, Indigenous and people of colour’. It has popped up even more this week during NAIDOC celebrations, which is usually held over a week in July but was postponed to 8¬15 November this year due to COVID-19.

Today, on the last day of NAIDOC Week 2020, six performing arts panellists identifying as black, Indigenous or a person of colour, are speaking about the lack of diversity in the Brisbane improvised comedy scene, and how this impacts the audience and performers’ experience.

Facilitated by Brisbane comedian Ashwin Segkar, the Brisbane Improvisers of Colour Panel is the brainchild of accomplished improv comedian Anne Pensalfini.

“We are better improvisers when our players and audiences come from diverse backgrounds,” Anne said. “We listen better, create more interesting scenes and stretch our empathetic connections.”

Panellists include Colin Smith, Janette McBride-Omaga, Charles Allen, Janaki Gerard, Mandy Plumb, and Asia Beck Jijnasu.

The Zoom panel starts at 6.30pm on Sunday, 15 November 2020. Register for the Zoom event via this link.


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