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  • Mandy Plumb


La Verità means ‘the truth’ in English, but if it translated to 'the highlight of the Brisbane festival’ it certainly wouldn’t be telling any porky pies.

The surreal performance juxtaposes a Dali-like dream state with everyday life. In a traditional circus, the acts would be the sole focus — we are trained to keep our eyes on the acrobat, contortionist, juggler, or whoever is performing in the ring at the time. However, the director — whose accomplishments range from Cirque du Soleil to (opening and closing) Olympic ceremonies — encourages the audience to see something special in mundane details.

The performers, aged between 27—54 years old, are incredibly talented and have a plethora of experience. Each international cast member, including the two clowns, sing and dance. At first, the show depicts organised chaos within a Dali setting; that is, until the viewer embraces La Verità is actually imitating life. The audience is reminded that whether it be in a dream or real life, if something important or crucial is unfolding, there is always something menial happening around the subject. A real-life example would be when an employee asks their boss for a payrise, a colleague might simultaneously walk past and spill coffee down their shirt.

Realising the need to take in the surrounds, rather than having tunnel vision on one subject, is a beautiful and epiphanic experience, especially in this age of smart phones and social media.

La Verità is showing at the Brisbane Festival until September 24, 2016.

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